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Adult Hockey


Learn to play hockey like the pros, join us in our Adult Introduction to Hockey! Ideal for those who know how to skate, but need to sharpen their skills; and for those who are new and want to learn. Full equipment is required. Contact Coy Deason at 302-398-5900 ext. 217 for more information.



Ages 18 and over. First 2 goalies FREE. FULL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED.

Friday Afternoons - 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM - $10
Friday Nights - 10:15 PM - 11:45 PM - $10
Sunday Afternoons (March 3, 2019 - June 2, 2019) - 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM - $10

No Adult Open Hockey on the Following Dates:

December 12, 2018
February 15, 2019
March 1, 2019
May 3, 2019
April 21, 2019
May 5, 2019
May 12, 2019

Additional Sunday Sessions - Times Vary
ADDITIONAL HOLIDAY TIMES will be posted as they become available.

Player Draft - New Players

The Centre Ice Rink will be hosting a PLAYER DRAFT for all NEW PLAYERS on Monday August 27, 2018 from 6:20 PM – 7:20 PM entering the league this season.

Any Questions on the Draft, Please contact Tom Gibson at tom@thestatefair.net or 302-398-5900 ext 212

Anyone looking to play Adult Coed Hockey and not currently on a team is welcome to attend the draft. Please contact Tom prior to coming out.



2018-2019 Murphy's Adult Hockey League
Levels: A, B, & C League
Season runs Early September to Early May, playoffs in May.
Play adult league ice hockey with your buddies. New to the area? Then Meet some new friends while playing the best game on earth. Teams are encouraged to enroll; individuals seeking to play can be placed on teams as free agents. Contact Tom at (302) 398-5900 ext. 212 or at tom@thestatefair.net.
For more information visit www.THEMHL.net

The MHL Draft has been moved to Monday August 27, 2018 from 6:20pm-7:20pm.

Fall/Winter 2018-2019 RULES

All players in the league must be 18 years of age or older by the first game they play. All players are also required to be registered with USA Hockey. All players must provide their USA Hockey Confirmation Number. Every player MUST sign the score sheet before the game. A player must play in 7 games to be eligible for playoffs. Games played will be tracked by sign in. If a number is on the score sheet for scoring a goal and that person is not signed in they will not be credited on their statistics, however the goal will count. (If this frequently occurs the team will be investigated for using illegal players.)

Any player that is deployed overseas is still eligible for playoffs if the following steps are followed. 1) The player must have a minimum of 1 game played in the season. 2) The Captain of the player’s team must inform the Commissioner at time of deployment.

2018-2019 No Show RULE: If a team NO SHOWS, the opposing team will receive a Forfeit win, plus can Choose 1 game off the Other team’s schedule to add to their own. Ex: Team has 24 scheduled games, that said team No shows, they now will have 23 games. The opposing team will be awarded a game from your schedule of the opposing captains choosing to play in your team’s place. You cannot play your own team to get an easy W.

All teams are allowed to roster 22 players total, including goalies. A preliminary roster must be turned in by the first game. Only players on the roster are eligible to play in games. If at any time a player not listed on the roster plays in a game, it automatically becomes a forfeit. All rosters must be approved by the commissioner. Every team will have a free grace period until December 17th to lock in a final roster. After December 15th every team will be allowed to add and or drop 6 players. To add a player you must inform the commissioner 48 hours prior to the player’s first game. The player may not play unless their name is on the roster. Every team captain will be issued a password and login to manage their own roster online. Captains are responsible for having the appropriate name and jersey number listed on the website, 2 weeks after the issue of passwords. Failure to keep your roster up to date with all eligible players will result in forfeited games due to playing non- rostered players. Any player without a USA Hockey Registration Number will not be eligible to play in the MHL.

Divisions The league will consist of 3 divisions (A, B, C) The “A” division is dedicated to high level players and there are no limits on playing abilities. The “B” division is dedicated to average and beginner leveled players with some restrictions on player abilities. The “C” division is dedicated to the beginner and less experienced player. There will be strict roster limits in this division.

Player Rankings An “A” level player is any player that is considered to be a “A” level player by the commissioner or by a captain’s vote. Any captain may challenge any player in their league for ability status. The commissioner may agree and remove the player from the league or send a vote to the captain’s to vote on the player’s ability level. Once a player is voted upon they may not be challenged again for an entire year. All player challenges must be submitted prior to the player in question plays his 6th game. There are absolutely no “A” level players allowed in the “C” division. Some players although not considered “A” level may not participate in the “C” division on the conditions of Commissioner and Captain Discretion. All “C” teams will be allowed to have 4 impactful “B” players. “B” players in the “C” division must be dictated prior to the first game. All “B” level teams will be allowed to carry 4 impactful “A” players.

Every team must designate a captain. Team captains are responsible for having the correct team roster information on the score sheet. This includes each player’s name, number, and signature. Every captain is required to sign the score sheet after the game under their team’s roster. Failure to do so waives all rights to protest. Captain is responsible for all players having there updated USA Hockey Registration number. Captain will be subject to Suspension and or team forfeit, if full balance of team is not paid by December 1st 2018.

Every team may roster two goalies. If a team needs to use an emergency goaltender they must notify the commissioner before the game. (email, voicemail, face-to-face) A substitute goalie should be appropriate to the division. Goalies must wear a matching colored jersey of their team. Goalies must circle their names on the score sheet. Any substitute goalie used in the playoffs must be approved by the commissioner 48 hours prior to the game. Goalies must play in 7 games to be eligible for playoffs. If you do not have an eligible goaltender on your roster for the playoffs you MUST use a goalie from the approved emergency goalie list or have the goalie approved by the commissioner. Teams may use goalies from other teams in the same division but they must get approval from the opposing team’s captain.

All players are required to wear a certified ice hockey helmet with unaltered eye protection. Acceptable pieces of protection are a full cage, cat eye cage, full shield, or half shield. No cages or shields may be altered in any way. All players must have a helmet with a chin strap and the chin strap must be able to fasten appropriately to both sides of the helmet.Any player that takes the ice at any time without proper eye protection will receive a GAME MISCONDUCT penalty issued immediately. This will eliminate the player from the current game and the next game. Game time is described as the start of the ice slot including warm-ups.

All teams must have MATCHING uniquely numbered jerseys. MATCHING will be defined as the general color along with a similar or old logo of the team they are playing for. If any player does not have a matching jersey they will serve a 2 minute penalty at the start of the game. If a player enters the game after it has begun and he is in violation of the jersey rule he is to be issued his penalty at the next stoppage of the game.This rule is waived when a team must wear pinnies because they are the same color as the opposing team.

Any player receiving 4 penalties in a game will receive a game ejection. If a player receives 5 penalties in a single game they will receive a game suspension. There are no 10 minute misconduct penalties. All misconducts are either an ejection or a game misconduct. A game misconduct constitutes a game suspension. Any team receiving 15 penalties in a game will result in the team forfeiting that game. In addition, the team captain will be suspended for the following game. Any player that receives an intent to injure will be suspended for the rest of the season and possibly life. All other rules will follow USA Hockey standards. Checking is NOT permitted in any of our divisions. All suspensions are issued by the league, NOT by division. Player’s must serve their suspension in the division in which it was received prior to returning to any team in the league. For example, if a player plays in both the C and B division and the player receives a 3 game suspension in the B division that player may not play in the C or B division until he/she serves the 3 game suspension in the B division.

Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player receiving a fighting penalty will receive the following: 1st fight- 5 game suspension, 2nd fight- 10 game suspension, 3rd fight- suspension for the rest of the season, including playoffs. Any player receiving an instigator penalty for a fight will receive an additional game suspension. Any player removing their own helmet in a fight will automatically receive a 5 game suspension. Fighting suspensions may be adjusted in playoffs. To coincide with USA Hockey rules any player involved in an altercation where a player’s helmet comes off that player will receive a game misconduct and be suspended for the following game.

The league commissioner will handle suspensions. All protest must be made in writing, to the league commissioner in an email within 48 hours of the incident under protest. For all protest, the league commissioner’s decision is final. The Centre Ice Rink is committed to providing a safe adult league. As a result, we reserve the right to suspend, expel, or otherwise prevent any player from playing that the Centre Ice Rink determines, in its sole discretion, is detrimental to the safe operation of the league. The Centre Ice Rink also reserves the right to refuse or deny the application of any prospective player that the Centre Ice Rink determines, in its sole discretion, to be detrimental to the safe operation of the league. Officials or rink employees may ask any player to leave the ice that they believe is a danger themselves or other players. The Centre Ice Rink reserves the right to change its rules or guidelines at any time. Teams and players are encouraged to check the league website for updates. All players in the league are able to be removed by the league by a captain’s vote prior to their twelfth game. If the Captains in any division feel that a player is detrimental or dangerous to the other players in the league the Captains in that division may take a vote to remove that player from the league. The vote must be unanimous by all Captains in that division, the Captain of the player’s team in question does not receive a vote.

Ice Time
The game slot starts at the scheduled ice time. There will be a 3 minute warm-up. If a team does not have 6 total players on the ice at the scheduled game time they forfeit the game. The ice then belongs to the team that did not forfeit. If neither team has 6 total players on the ice at the scheduled game time both teams forfeit the game and the ice belongs to neither team. Zero points are rewarded for the game. There will be no make-ups for forfeits. The game will consist of three 15 minute, stop time periods, with the exception being the 6 goal running clock in the third period. Each team is granted one 60 second time out each game. After 2 periods, or at any point in the 3rd period, if a team is trailing by 6 or more goals, a running clock rule will be in effect. The clock will run until the differential is less than 6 goals. The clock will not run in the finals even if there is a 6 goal differential.

Overtime In regular season play if the game is tied at the end of the third period there will be a 4 minute sudden death 4 on 4. If a team scores the game is over and the winning team receives 2 points for the game and the losing team receives 0 points for the game. If no team scores at the end of the 3 minutes + 5 man 1 round shootout, each team receives 1 point for the game.
In all playoff games, if necessary, there will be a 10 minute, sudden death 5 on 5 overtime period. During overtime periods teams will NOT switch sides. Teams will continue to defend the net they did in the third period. If the game is still tied, there will be a 5 round shoot out. Each team will select 5 players to shoot. If the game is still tied after the 5 rounds the shoot out will become sudden death. Each team will shoot one player at a time until one team scores and the other team fails to score. Players may not shoot again until every player on the team has shot once.

Regular Season Tie Breakers

  • Head to head between teams that are tied. (does not apply if three or more teams are tied)
  • Goal Differential Quotient (Goals For / Goals against) of games between tied teams (highest total moves on)
  • Goal Differential Quotient of all games played
  • Least amount of penalty minutes in all games played
  • If still tied(2 teams only)- one game play in.
  • If still tied (3 or more teams)- Goals for of games between tied teams

The top 4 teams will qualify for playoffs. The first round will be single elimination. The 1st seed will play the 4th seed. The 2nd seed will play the 3rd seed. The finals round will be a best of three series between the winners. For all playoff games, we ask that each player show up 45 minutes before the start of the game. The scorekeeper will be checking roster and I.D.’s for eligibility.

The winning teams will have their team name engraved on the league trophy.

Every team must have a deposit of $500 by August 19th, 2018. The league will begin September 10th. The entire league fee is $5,699. If a team does not want to pay in full they may stick to this approved payment plan.

  • $1,000 by First Game
  • $1,500 by September 30th
  • $1,500 by October 30th
  • $1,199 by December 1st
Any team that has an overdue balance will forfeit every game until they are paid to date

***Please contact the rink at 302-398-5900 if you would like to make your payment over the phone.
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